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dog training reviews
Sit Stay has changed our lives forever.
We never knew all of these things that our dogs had been trying to communicate with us all of these years. We wish we had a resource like Sit Stay for all of the dogs we've ever owned!

-Marissa R.


I met Sue during a very difficult time when I was forced to quarantine my senior dog for 3 months. He had never been away from home or kenneled and I didn't think he would survive 3 months away from home, let along left in a kennel, at 12 years old. I was faced with a decision to either euthanize him, or kennel him - neither of which were good options for me at his age. I left him at a boarding facility where Sue was the manager at the time. On his first day, Sue immediately took Mason in as her own and treated him as part of her family. His distress quickly turned in to content and joy being with Sue and her animals. It made the 3 months away much easier for my family and I, as well as Mason. I knew, without a doubt, that he was getting the love and affection (and treats) he needed and would get at home. On days I wasn't able to visit, she would send me photos and videos of him and tell me how he was doing. From that horrible time I made a lifelong friend who I trust more than anyone else with my dogs. I know they are loved on and happy when they are in her care. Now, 2 years later, Sue comes once a week to take my younger dog on a group hike and often times, she lets Mason tag along as well when he's having a good day getting around. They absolutely love her and are so excited to see her when she comes.

Rachel W

We have been using Sue for quite a while now. We’ve used her for training, confidence building, daycare, boarding and hikes. The improvement that we have seen in our pup is extraordinary!! She’s even able to walk him off leash on the hikes!! Never thought we’d see that day. When ever Sue comes to our door our pup acts like some superstar has just walked in. He goes insane in a way he doesn’t even do for us. Haha. I have so much peace of mind knowing how happy he is when he’s with her and how comfortable he is.
Sue also sends videos and photos throughout the entire session. So we always know what they are up too. We are so lucky to have found her and are super grateful. We have three dogs total and we have such peace of mind when any are with her. That is priceless to us. To be able to go enjoy ourselves or do what we need to do and not worry about our pups is amazing!! Highly recommend you try this place out for any of the services. You will not be disappointed!

Veronica T

We have two dogs and one especially needed help with barking and jumping on guests in our home, and also lunging at people, biket, etc on walks. We hired TWO local trainers before Sue could fit us in, which was a major mistake. The first trainer made my new dog even more fearful and reactive, and the second one threw food on the ground at my dogs the whole time, and I actually paid for it. Sue came over and I was impressed the minute she walked through the door. My jumpy dog was so calm and well mannered for sue from when she walked in the door until when she left. I did realize that I wasnt communicating with my dog great and I wasnt thanking him for his good behaniors, which was making him even more frustrated and reactive. With the information I received during my first training consult with sue, i was able to have some practice runs with some friends coming and going, and Dink has shown an insurmountable amount of improvement in his manners and social skills! He waits patiently for people to greet him, walks nicely on leash, and doesnt bark or pull at bikers or dogs anymore. I can tell Dinky to go to his bed when guests are gathered around the table, and he will happily go chill in his spot and watch the action from there. I have given sues name out so many times to people who are now impressed with my dogs confident yet calm demeanors and awesome manners. I learned a lot from sue that I will apply to my everyday life with my pups, and I have a much better relationship with both of them now.

Jacqueline K

Sit Stay is hands down the best dog training and sitting service you could ask for. Excellent prices paired with Sue's heartfelt love for every dog she interacts with is all you can ask for in a company who helps you take care of your pet. My dog, along with every other dog I have seen her with, is completely obsessed with her and can't wait to see her again after she leaves. Sit Stay is truly a gem.

Alex Y

We got married and used Sit Stay for our wedding. We just HAD to include our two dogs in the ceremony and reception. They are a part of our family and we wouldn't have it any other way. I researched the best companies and vendors- and many recommended Sue as a dog handler. Sue not only picked my dogs up from my home and brought them almost an hour to the wedding venue, but she handled them i think better than my husband or I ever could- and we have known these dogs their whole lives. My family was so impressed at how well behaved the dogs were all day they kept asking if we hired professional trainers to train them- which we have never done! Sue helped our photographer get the best photos of us and the dogs, and even took over fifty photos on her cell phone to send us at the end of the night. It was like the cherry on top, and her photos were better than most of our photographers shots. Sue is just incredible and made our wedding so memorable for us and our dogs.

Joelle C

I recently had a major surgery and hired Sue to stay at my home to care for my horse, 2 cats , 2 chickens and rescued Great Dane. My Dane has a great deal of baggage due to her abuse before I rescued her. She would not do well in a facility, and requires patience and understanding. Sue was amazing. D D loves her and was happy and content . I , unfortunately was sent home from the hospital twice , only to be readmitted with unexpected complications. Even though Sue was booked when I had to return to the hospital, she found a way to get here and take care of D.


Sue truly takes time to give quality care to pets; she gave so much time to each one of our four geriatric animals this weekend (as we used her services for the first time). Sue engaged our blind elderly chow-chow in activities in the yard, walked our elderly arthritic poodle on her favorite route, and pet and played with our two elderly cats (one of which has FIV and the other lymphoma). Sue also gave our pets their multitude of pills and made sure they took their medicine and ate their meals. My husband and I couldn't get over the beautiful pictures Sue took of our pets and the videos she sent to us while we were away. Sue is responsible, accountable, and truly invested in the welfare of animals. We are thankful to have found her!

Jennifer C

I have dealt with Sue on the foster care aspect of her job. She is professional and informative. She and the staff she worked with successfully found homes for the entire litter and mother that I had fostered. Sue knew that I was attached to the pups and Mom, as I had fostered the Mom until she gave birth and the first few weeks of the puppies' lives. She was awesome at sending me photos and videos of their growth and connecting me with some of the families that adopted them! That meant the world to this dog rescuer!!
It is obvious following Sue's daily life on Social Media that she loves what she does and the animals that she works with. I would definitely look into her services if I were you! :)

Kathi H

This was Jaspers and I first time apart from each other. Being 650 miles apart over thanksgiving. Sue did an amazing job keeping my little angel and I connected through video and text messenger. Jasper had so much fun...he will being going back to sue...thanks again!!

Justin M

Sue is awesome. Her dedication, knowledge, patience and enthusiasm for her students is second to none. She is wonderful with my dog and I see improvement everyday. The excitement in my dog's face when she is with her is priceless and the best part of my day.

Jen F

Both of my dogs love going on their twice weekly walks with Sue. They are both pit bulls around 1 year old so can be quite the handful. She has been training my older dog and is helping the younger one to learn how to loose leash walk and come when called. They are both so excited every time she walks in the door. She has also taken them for overnights and will send videos daily. I couldn't feel more comfortable leaving them in such loving capable hands. Thank you for all you do.

Lisa C

My dog absolutely adores Sue and can’t get in the car fast enough. She’s not an easy or even friendly dog by any means, either. Sue is patient and gentle with my fur baby, and it shows!

Kerrigan C

Jax loves Sue so much! She is great with him! I call her with any questions or concerns regarding Jax, and she always is very helpful! I completely trust her, and I am always at ease when she takes him!

Shae B

I'm so grateful to have found Sue! My 13 year old diabetic, blind dog requires injections and medication twice a day, plus close supervision pretty constantly, so my husband and I hadn't traveled in the year since he's been diagnosed. Sue stayed with our special needs dog for 2 nights and 3 days and we felt so comfortable and worry free! We left her a million notes and instructions, and her experience and patience made her the perfect pet sitter. She performed every step of his routine with expertise and ease. She is also incredibly kind, and spent so much time just giving our guy lots of love and attention, and made sure to keep us in the loop with amazing photos and updates the entire time. We look forward to using Sue's services again in the future, and cannot recommend her enough!

Holly R

Sue is every pet parent's dream! I travel frequently and she has always been 100% reliable and flexible with visit times, and her prices are very reasonable. She sends photos, videos, and updates from her visits, which I always crave when I'm away from my kitties. From the videos it is clear how much both cats adore and trust her--she's just a natural.

Kaitlin G

Sue is Amazing!!! Tucker our 9 month old Mini Aussie had a little bit of anxiety so he couldn't go to any puppy daycare but Sue took the time to really understand him and work with him. Tucker always felt so much better there than ANY of place we tried. She got him to off leesh trained in 2 days!! HIGHLY Recommend!!!

Adam C

Sue and Ashley are the only two people I can say I trust to be around my animals when I am not there. They are very trustworthy people and are very easy to get ahold of when you need to. Sue has been training my dogs for the past couple months and I have not had one issue with her. She is very reasonably priced and will help you with any problems you may have. When I have issues with my dogs at home, I text her asking what could be the issue and how I can fix it and she gets back to me within an hour with what I can do. Sue watched my dogs for me when I was away for the night and I was very nervous because I had never left them alone for that long before. She came over multiple times and played with them outside as well as hung in the house with them before bedtime. I asked her to send me pictures throughout the night so I knew they were okay, and I got tons of videos and pictures of them playing outside and every dog was running around happier than ever. I strongly recommend Sit Stay Train & Play Pet Services whether you need training, a reliable boarder, or someone to drop by your house a few times a day to check on your animals.

Michelle P

We hired Sue for her drop-in service to administer insulin injections twice daily to our senior dog whilst we were traveling. Sue’s thoroughness and experience immediately put us at ease. She was in constant communication and sent us daily pictures/videos which was a great touch. We will definitely be using her again in the future!

Casey O

Move over Dog Whisperer! Sue is going to give you a run for your money. In one hour of training Sue was able to help my pup walk with me on the leash instead of pulling my arm from the socket, tame the jumping and correct some other things. My dog has been noticeably calmer since her visit and seems more content now that he's being rewarded for good behavior and is more eager to please with some structure. Sue's understanding of dogs and insight into why they do what they do was so helpful and I love her positive feedback approach to training. She is skilled, capable and you can tell she loves her job which is so great when you're trusting your fur baby to her! My dogs trying out the daycare today and the pick up service was so amazing I don't know how I lived without it. Can't recommend her high enough and almost didn't want to post this for fear she'll get too busy! Haha. Thank you Sue for taking such amazing care of my baby!!!

Nikki T


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