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professional DOG handling

Share your special day with your best friend without having to worry about where they are or what they're getting into while at the ceremony or festivities. Don't leave your pet out of wedding photos due to poor planning and hectic schedules! Let Sit Stay transport and handle your dog throughout the day. Would you love for your dog to carry the rings down the aisle? With enough time and planning, this can be achieved with almost any dog!


do i really need a professional?

why not rely on friends or family?

Don't over-estimate your dog's ability to handle a super stimulating and exciting environment like a wedding ceremony or reception! Your dog will not only be surrounded by the people that most likely bring out the most excitement in them, but they will also be in a new environment full of wondrous sights, smells, and sounds. Your family and friends may know your dog well, but how would they react if your dog were to become overly excited or anxious? Can you ensure that they know how to prevent your dog from jumping on or nosing guests, pulling at the leash, or barking? Can they recognize when your dog is uncomfortable with a certain situation? Weddings can be tough for dogs! Let friends and family enjoy the festivities and focus on YOU instead of catering to your furry best-man! 

WHAT WE DO for you

& why you NEED us!

We will ensure that your dog-friendly dream wedding is stress-free! Sit Stay will handle all of your transportation needs- picking your pet up, and transporting them to and from the venue. We will keep your dog focused on us throughout the day by using positive reinforcement and proper reward for good behaviors- checking in with us, sitting and waiting patiently during interactions with guests, etc. We will help your photographer capture picture perfect moments as we position your pup and get them to focus during any shoots. Your dog will be the life of the party on your big day as we greet your wedding guests and show off our polite manners!


Dress them to impress!

Tuxedo rental and custom floral collar design services now available!

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