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Man with his Dog



In-Home Training

Our private in-home training sessions aim to not only strengthen the bond between you and your dog, but to strengthen the reliability of the behaviors you'd like to see more of! We aim to make training fun and easy for both you and your dog. By utilizing positive reinforcement and reward to teach and re-direct behaviors, Sit Stay will help your dog become a happy-to-learn, eager-to-please polite pup! Click the link below and fill out a quick form to get started!

Wedding Pet Handling

Make your special day complete by inviting your furry family! Having a pet handler for your special day will take the stress and worry out of having your pet at the event. In addition to your pets every need being catered to, a pet handler can help with pet photos, pets in the ceremony, and their involvement during reception. Dog and cat tuxedos and floral collars are also available!



Our group adventure hikes are a big hit! Sit Stay's hiking adventures are jam-packed with enrichment and excitement, and are sure to drain your dog's excess energy while satisfying their desire to explore, chase & play! Round-trip transportation on our famous doggy school bus is included with each hiking adventure.

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