Do you have total confidence with your dog's recall when you

un-clip that leash? If not, then don't do it! Over one million dogs are

killed by vehicles each year, but this is only one of many dangers that

are lurking out there. If your dog fails to come when called at any time, 

I can help you strengthen your dog's recall with fun and exciting tips and tricks that are sure to have your dog running to you at the speed of light, no matter what situation life throws at you! Help your dog power through distractions by feeding their desire to want to succeed for you. With Sit Stay's off-leash training, you'll not only strengthen the bond between you and your dog through the use of positive reinforcement and engaging exercises, but you'll give yourself a little peace of mind whenever you un-clip that leash and let your dog go and have some fun!

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a lack in training & reinforcement could prove fatal under

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