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just $45

Need help potty training your new puppy or adult dog?

Look no further! Sit Stay can help make the housebreaking

process as smooth and stress-free as can be for both you and your dog!

Imagine no more messes to clean up! Sit Stay will provide you with the tools and knowledge you'll need to succeed in getting your dog on his or her way to pottying outside-only from now on!  Soon your dog will learn that even though eliminating inside may be convenient,  it is never allowed- and that going potty outside can be fun and rewarding. Before getting discouraged, give Sit Stay a call and schedule a housebreaking session today. Remember- we all started in diapers, and had to learn how to use toilets. Our dogs have to start somewhere- and it is our job to guide them along the way. Help them to transition by setting them up for success!

With the right schedule and reinforcement, your dog will have no trouble learning when and where to go! 

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